Accession membership enables access to the general activities of the KCS.

An access member of the Knowledge Committee of Serbia can be any Serbian citizen who has become distinguished for his or her knowledge, skills, creativity and innovation and who accepts the vision, mission and main objectives of the KCS.

An access member must be dedicated to advancing his or her academic, professional and/or scientific career, and must seek to expand and promote the KCS. The Access Member is a Serbian citizen ready to share his or her knowledge with other KCS members and should uphold the values and ethical and moral code of modern society.

Decisions regarding Accession Membership are made by a Steering Committee.

Access Members receive benefits in accordance with KCS Membership Regulations. They have the right to become Supreme members after two years of being an access member. Decisions in this regard are made by the Steering Committee based on an evaluation by the Science Council of the applicant’s scientific work results and contributions to the development and promotion of KCS objectives.